Sunday, January 14, 2007

Do Not Trust Abbas

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Abbas is working with the US and Israel to make it falsely appear that Palestinians have scuttled Israeli efforts to implement a two State solution. This is the new campaign to scapegoat Palestinians, following the alleged mistake of declining the previous "generous" Jewish offer.

Abbas is also setting up the Palestinians by asking them to raise arms against Israel. The smartest move Palestinians could make is to give back the M16's and 5.56mm NATO ammunition that were initially given to Abbas in the hopes that Palestinians would use them to kill each other. Now that plan A has failed, Abbas is implementing Jewish plan B, the use of the ineffective small arms to attack Israelis, or what is more likely to create a climate where Mossad can attack Jews in a false flag operation and believably blame it on Palestinians. Send the rotten guns and bullets to Israel and tell the Jews that you want peace and justice, not war which will exterminate the Palestinians. Send them Abbas, too, in a chauffeured limousine flying the colors of Zion. His tough talk and apparent disagreement with Condi Rice is a staged deception. He is setting up the Palestinians, yet again, by calling for violence which will kill more Palestinians and generate world wide sympathy for Jews.