Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Euphemisms Reveal Collusion and Deceit

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Bush regime speaks of a "surge" of troops in Iraq, in order to avoid images of President Johnson's Vietnam policy of aggressive military escalation. The media hum along with the lie.

There will indeed be a "surge". There will be a surge in violence and a surge in profits, as the numbers of US troops engaged in Israeli-style aggression against Islam escalates. Then there will be another surge in the war profiteers' proceeds, as they sell the Moslems weapons with which to annihilate one another.

The Zionists well understand Islamic bravado. They build up Moslem outrage by outrageous Zionist aggression, then offer to help the Moslems vent their rage with weapons—weapons turned against other Moslems.

Jews covertly pound the drum beats of war in Moslem nations in order to lull the Moslems into a trap. Moslems must learn that they will be better served with video cameras revealing Jewish aggression, than with puny M16's, Kalashnikovs and rocket-propelled-grenades. Men with small arms cannot effectively battle against nuclear missiles. Instead, masked crypto-Jews, and native Arabs and Persians armed with insignificant automatic rifles, mortars and small rockets, only serve to provide the Zionists with a pretext for exterminating Moslems.

The real battle is one of public perceptions, which is why the Jewish controlled media forever lies to the world with deceitful euphemisms. Moslems have right on their side, and their "military might" is more of a "might not" than a means to success. Jews are few in number and are only heard in a chorus. As they sing of the alleged virtues of mass murdering Moslems, show the world the bloodied corpse of Israeli aggression. Trust in human compassion and set aside Moslem bravado. Demand peace and justice, but don't ask for guns. Cast an eye of suspicion on those who cry out for war. They may well be crypto-Jews singing Psalms of David, and sounding the death knell of Islam.

Destroy Israel by revealing Israel to the world as the corrupt and corrosive threat to humanity and human life that it is. Bring light, but not fire, and shine it on the flesh eating faces of the Jewish warmongers of Israel. The world will repulse from the horrendous face of Zionist blood lust. It always has.

It is the nature of man to survive and it is the nature of Zionism to destroy. Show Zionism for what it is and humanity will unite against it.