Sunday, January 21, 2007

Iranian "Leaders" Fundamentally Misunderstand (or Deliberately Misrepresent) the Situation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iranians are pretending that the USA has been humbled by its experiences in Iraq, and that Israel has also learned its lesson in Lebanon. Iranian leaders confidently assert that the neither the USA or Israel would dare attack Iran, because they have learned that such aggressive wars are self destructive.

In reality, the lessons those who were behind the criminal attacks learned from their unprovoked, aggressive, Jewish-led neo-Conservative war on Iraq, is that an ungodly amount of money can be made from aggressive war on Moslems, and American Goys are too cowardly and too stupid to demand that their politicians and Israel pay for their crimes. Jewish leaders reaffirmed how easy it is to blame America for their crimes against Moslems. Experience has taught Jewish leaders that they can annihilate Iran and profit from the crime.

Surely rational Iranians must realize that loyal Americans are not in control of the American Government, and the disloyal Jews who are in control of the American Government want to destroy it, and America with it, so as to force assimilating Jews to flee to Israel. These Jews also want there to be a world war, which will fulfill their religious and political objectives, and for the world to sink into a deep depression so that unimaginably wealthy Jews can buy up the wealth of the world at deeply discounted prices, as they have in the past depressions which they have manufactured for the purpose.

Iranians are also pretending that Israel learned not to attack Moslems by their failure to exterminate the Lebanese. They point to the resignations and calls for resignations of Israeli leaders who led the unprovoked aggression. Iranians are misinterpreting Israeli discontent with these Jewish leaders. The Israelis are not calling for these leaders to resign because these leaders attacked Lebanon, but rather because they failed to kill every Lebanese and destroy every standing structure in Lebanon. The lesson the Jews of Israel took from their attack on Lebanon, and from the covertly Jewish-led American aggression on Iraq, is to exterminate Moslem populations in death camps, and to utterly destroy all Moslem property, which they will be happy to do because their genocidal Jewish God Hashem tells them that they must eradicate the Moslems.

All of those reasons which Iranian leaders are pretending are reasons why America and Israel won't dare to attack Iran, are among the very reasons why disloyal Jewish Americans are planning to attack Iran.

Instead of pounding their chests like adolescent idiots, Iranian leaders should point out the inhumanity and illegality of American and Israeli plans to attack them, and insist that they will not allow Iran's peaceful nuclear program to serve as a false pretext for illegal Zionist aggression. Iran should then engage the UN and cool the nuclear program and call on the UN and the world community to halt the illegal American and Israeli build up to an attack on Iran. If Iranians have any desire to survive, they should rid themselves of Ahmadinejad, and take a mature and reasoned approach to world politics, instead of deliberately playing into the Zionists' genocidal hands.