Monday, January 08, 2007

Iranians Are Pushing the Wrong Buttons

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When the Iranians should have focused attention on the fact that the Nazis were Zionists, and that Jews were behind the genocide of European Jewry, the Armenian Holocaust, the Bolshevik Holocausts, the world wars, the genocide of the Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis, etc.; they instead unwisely called attention to historical wrongs done to Jews. Today, the Iranians are attempting to prevent the alliance of Sunni Moslems with Israelis against Persians and Shia. There is an urgent need to accomplish this end, but again the Iranians are going about it in the wrong way.

The Iranians should speak directly to Arab and Moslem Peoples, instead of issuing threats to the traitorous Zionist leaders of Arab and Moslem countries. All that the Iranians accomplish by attacking those Zionist leaders directly is to strengthen the bonds among Zionists and create an additional incentive among Zionist puppets to destroy Iran.

Iranians should instead focus attention on the primary enemy of all Moslems, and that is Israel and Judaism. Iranians should warn Arabs of the dangers they will inevitably face from the Israelis and their puppet Zionist states, if those states side with world Jewry against Shia and Persians. When that danger emerges, the Arabs will face it alone, if they have helped Israel, America and Britain to kill off the Iranians. Iranians should give the Arabs a friendly reminder that Iran is one of few nations in the world which has stood with Arab Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians against the Zionists who have attacked them. Refresh the memory of pan-Arab states that the British tricked the Arabs into fighting for them in the First World War, and then British Zionists betrayed the Arabs to the Jews, which was the Zionist plan from the beginning. Remind them that the Israelis are after Arab land from the Nile to the Euphrates, that the Jews intend to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, and that the Jews intend to destroy Islam and exterminate the "Ishmaelites" and the "Amalekites", whom they see as the enemies of God and of God's "Chosen People". All of these facts are easily demonstrated in Jewish religious literature and in statements by prominent Jews in the recent past.

It is better to talk to the Arab and Moslem Peoples directly, than to threaten, or even to warn the traitorous Zionist leadership of Arab and Moslem nations.

Islam is a universalist religion. Arab Sunnis and Shia, Kurds, Turks, and Persians have no reason to fight each other. In fact, Islam calls upon them to unite. It is only by uniting that Moslems can preserve themselves from the corrosive and genocidal Zionist threat.

An alliance between Sunni and Jew against Shia and Persians will only benifit the Jews, in that in will enable them to exterminate a large Moslem population without inflaming world public opinion against world Jewry. Once racist Jews have accomplished their genocide of the Persians, world Jewry will engage Christians as their ally to attack Sunni Moslems and Arabs, on the false grounds that Jesus has not returned because the Christians and Jews have not yet exterminated the Arabs and Russians, nor have they yet conquered all of "Greater Israel". Again, the Iranians would be better served to remind the Arabs and Moslems that they have a common enemy in Israel and Judaism, an enemy they can only contain if they work together for peace and common survival.

The Iranians should realize the tactics that the Israelis are using. The Jews are promising the Palestinians, Kurds, Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians, etc. all kinds of things. They are creating subdivisions in these nations and pitting these peoples against themselves. The Jews promise one side a new independent nation, while promising the other the preservation of the entire old nation. It is incumbent upon the Iranians to make it crystal clear to fellow Moslems that these Jewish promises are empty promises and will ultimately only serve to divide and weaken Moslems. The Iranians should organize Islam to resolve its own problems internally, which will strengthen the subgroups and enable them to face the Zionist threat in a strong and united fashion.

There is no future in Moslem disunity. If the racist Jews of Israel succeed in dividing Islam, the Jews will first kill one Moslem sector, then the other, by first pitting Moslems against Moslems, then Christians against Moslems and Russians. Should they succeed in this, the Jews will then pit the Asians against the Christians. Their only real ally is deceit.

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