Sunday, January 28, 2007

Israel's Kvetchfest 2007

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry is self destructing in an ugly display of whining, spitting, and. . . worse. Israel is the little brat on the train tugging at his mother's skirt and complaining about all things real and imagined. Israel ceaselessly fits and fumes and people are growing tired of it. The "Jewish State" is crumbling from within and blames the world for its failures, crimes and lies. Israel and its lies are so precious that we aren't even allowed to speak of them. No, delicate Jewish ears cannot bear to hear the truth and are sealed shut beneath the clamping force of a wide open mouth shrilly Kvetching to a world which refuses to acknowledge the obvious truth that the Jews are a master race who have uniquely suffered for the benefit of us all by bringing us to our divinely ordered deaths.

Jewry finally got what it has always sought. It segregated itself from humanity in the horrors it has committed against itself in the Holocaust that has lasted for 2,500 years. It has stolen the wealth of the world. It even stole the land of Palestine. Jews run the governments of the world and control world media. But what good comes of it? With all their power and all the roaring and vomitory intensity of the Israeli voice, what profit has mankind from World Jewry? War, rumors of war and poverty are the deliberate products of racist and supremacist genocidal Jewry.

Those of us familiar with the Jewish religion should not be surprised. When young we read the Hebrew Bible and the stories seemed distant and spoke of an ancient, unenlightened time, a time when brutality and tribalism were the norm. It seemed no more likely that the Jews would carry out the evil designs of their religion of genocide, than that Roman legions would march through the streets of New York City hacking off the heads of newspaper vendors and hot dog hawkers.

But there is a reason why clannish Jews have kept themselves segregated and have clung to their tribal religion for 2,500 years. They have been waiting for science to provide them with the tools their mythical and demonic Jewish God "Hashem" cannot. They have indeed been waiting to become the light of the world, the nuclear fireball that will render life into naught. There is a message, a single note, heard above the discordant tones of Israeli kvetching. The signal is struck, the time is now, the Jews will have their vengeance and all the world will be consumed by the light of the nations burning down cities and storming fields with fire! Let the Jews rule the world though the house of mankind fall! A throne of stubble will have us we, your priests and guides to the grave!

As predictable as it was, it is none the less still tragic. Generation after generation of rabbis rocking and clutching their prayer shawls begging hellish "Hashem" for this day when the Jewish Messiah will punish the nations with a war of ultimate destruction. The centuries of robbing the Gentiles of their wealth and holding back the progress of humanity. All that painful effort in anticipation of the day when Jewry will be able to kill off humanity has brought us at long last to Kvetchfest 2007, which has instead turned into a pathetic anti-climax of screeching cowards pointing crooked inbred fingers at elderly statesmen and whining, "anti-Semite!" If there be any force for good to counter this evil, may it keep their warty thumbs off the nuclear triggers with which they have polluted this beautiful Earth. May mankind arise as a tender flower reaching from the ground that bore us like a hand asking for the sunlight to rescue us from the grave, may mankind rise yet higher and higher above this evil enemy, and catch our hands together in a whirlwind of happy song to sweep away the dust of death and silence the siren call of Israel's Kvetchfest 2007.

And may Israel's sick suicide not be a contagion infecting us all. . . .