Monday, January 22, 2007

Jews Have No Right to Illegally Occupy Stolen Land

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One wonders if World Jewry will soon attempt to make it illegal to "deny Israel's right to exist". The phrase "Israel's right to exist" is an unfortunate and misleading one, which deceitfully implies that anyone who acknowledges the reality that the Jews' theft of Palestinian land was illegal and immoral, also wants to exterminate the Jews. Of course, World Jewry has been violating Palestine's right to exist for a very long time now, though World Jewry, which largely controls public opinion, would deceitfully have us believe that anyone who recognizes Palestine's right to exist also wants to exterminate the Jews.

These facts further clarify the truth that the criminal enterprise known as "Israel" exists through theft, lies, mass murder and parasitism. Jews have confused an existential individual "right to exist" (read "an individual human being's right to life") with a criminal enterprise's "right" to steal, lie, and feed off of, and mass murder, others. "Israel" is a violent, highly destructive, deliberately destabilizing and corrosive Mafia, which openly threatens the continued existence of humanity.

Mafias do not have an existential right to exist. Mafias, including the "Jewish State", do not enjoy the right to repeatedly throw the world into war and economic depression for the sake of the small numbers who constitute World Jewry. The Jewish Mafia does not have the right to destroy nations and exterminate peoples, despite its manual of death supposedly written by the mythological and demonic "Hashem".

It is true that sovereignty ultimately exists in the individual. The racist Jewish thieves who stole the land of Palestine have a right to life and a right to be citizens of a sovereign nation. They do not, however, have the right to steal land. They do not have the right to practice genocide. The Jews do not have the right to practice racist and religiously intolerant apartheid. This is why the racist, genocidal, thievish, and corrupting criminal enterprise known as the "Jewish State" has no right to commit its crimes, nor does it have a right to confuse sovereignty with theft and genocide, nor does it have the right to prevent the investigation and prosecution of its crimes, nor does it have the right to prevent the restitution of the land and rights of the Palestinians through the historically Jewish tactics of intimidation, genocide, corruption and subversion, or by any other means.

Palestinians and the rest of us should abandon the deceitful rhetoric of "Israel's right to exist" and instead simply tell the plain truth. Jews have no right to illegally occupy stolen land.