Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let Israel Collapse from Within

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Iranians should know that the Jews of Israel want you to hate them so badly that you will destroy yourselves simply to attack a few Jews. Hating Jews is immoral and it won't help you, it will destroy you, and the Jews of Israel know it. Nothing good will come from a war with Israel. Have faith in human morality and pursue peace.

The Jews count on the mythology of the Pharaoh and Amalek to destroy their enemies. They depend on the power of hate to consume the hater. Consider the historical analysis presented in the following article:

Vayeira: The Power of Hate

Israel is a terribly corrupt country that is crumbling from within. Let it fall from its own sinful weight. World Jewry want a war to unite the Jews and create Jewish support for the withering "Jewish State". Let Jewry's occupation of Palestine again be a short blip in human history, which historians will again record as a vile occupation fraught with violence and degeneracy, that fell by its own corruption. Don't allow World Jewry to unite Jews (and Christians) against Moslems. Instead, let them turn against one another by their own will.

Instead of allowing immature bravado to lead you into suicidal action, fight your enemies with a message of love. Prove with the readily available evidence that World Jewry is waging a world wide campaign to incite genocide against the Iranian People. The Jews are basing their cruel and inhuman campaign on their lie that Iran is supposedly developing a nuclear arsenal with which to attack Israel. Disarm World Jewry by cooling your nuclear program. Turn the world against aggressive Israel and wage a campaign of peace and love that will result in the slow suicide of the racist and criminal "Jewish State" by the self inflicted wound of their own Jewish hatred of humanity. Israel will fall from its own corruption. Without the unifying force of a common enemy, real or in this case imagined, it will collapse by demographic realities alone.

Buy yourselves and the world time to expose the Zionists as the existential threat they are to themselves and to the rest of humanity. We are at long last beginning to win that victory. Don't undermine our efforts by playing into the Israelis' hateful hands. Every day of peace and stability in the Middle East is a day closer to the "Jewish State's" implosion by its own hatreds.

The way out is simple and honorable. Simply say something to the effect of,

"We have abundant proof that Israel and the United States are planning to attack Iran on the false pretext that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. In order that there be no room for confusion as to Iran's peaceful intentions, we will voluntarily halt our uranium enrichment program in the interest of world peace, which can only be preserved by disarming the warmongering Israelis of their lies. We call upon the world community to condemn Israel and the United States for their aggressive plans to commit genocide against our people."

Then make every effort to accumulate the facts which prove this plan to annihilate you. Publish a report and produce documentary films which you can post on the internet for all the world to see. Win yourselves time with the truth. The world is growing increasingly disgusted with unprovoked Israeli aggression. You will lose nothing with this approach and just may save your people from a vicious attack. It is your responsibility to the Iranian People to do everything in your power to prevent this war which is being imposed upon you. There is no dishonor in the truth. The dishonor belongs to the genocidal warmongers. Do not give them their victory. Do not give the Israelis the opportunity to kill Iranians.