Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Naked Hypocrisy and Genocidal Plans

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry makes many allegations that Iran and Syria are subverting the interests of the nations of Lebanon and Iraq. Israelis allege that Iranians and Syrians are funding and supporting warmongering groups in Lebanon and in Iraq and instructing them to wage war on Israel and America. The Israelis claim that this supposed activity is illegal and that it constitutes a casus belli for the world to attack Syria and Iran. However, the Israelis offer no proof to substantiate their dramatic claims.

Contrast this with the fact that the Israelis openly subvert the political processes of the United States of America by creating, funding and promoting warmongering Zionist puppets, who illegally bring America into aggressive war against peaceful nations. In addition, the Jewish controlled media both promotes Zionist warmongers and attacks loyal and decent Americans. The same can said of many other Jewish controlled institutions of influence in America. World Jewry plans to launch an aggressive nuclear attack on Iran, which is a peaceful non-nuclear nation. A fifth column of Israel-first disloyal Jewish Americans and their shabbas Goys intimidate Moslems to keep them out of the political process, and these disloyal, warmongering Jews are deliberately creating a very dangerous atmosphere of irrational hatred towards Moslems with the goals of eventually imprisoning them en masse, then mass murdering them. Warmongering Jews call all Moslems "terrorists" and "anti-Semites" in order dehumanize and criminalize them—in order to take away the humanity of Americans and the right of Moslem people to exist.

Americans must wake up and see who the real enemy is. Though we don't yet realize it, we are not only being used to target innocent others, we are ourselves the targets of ancient Jewish bloodlust.