Friday, January 19, 2007

On Jewish Attempts to Scapegoat the Palestinians for Israeli Refusals to Negotiate a Settlement

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Can you imagine a court in which a thief refused to stand trial unless the plaintiff first granted that a thief has an inherent right to steal? It is a ridiculous proposition, yet Jews are making this sophistical and highly immoral claim in the court of public opinion.

When Israelis state that they will not negotiate a settlement with Hamas unless Hamas first states that Israel has a "right to exist" on the lands that Jews have stolen from the Palestinians, Palestinians ought to respond that, "Only a criminal would argue that a thief has a right to steal." When Israelis ask, "How can we negotiate a settlement with someone who refuses to acknowledge our right to exist?" Palestinians ought to respond, "We do not want to negotiate as to whether or not the Jews have a right to have stolen the Palestinians' lands. They obviously do not. We want to negotiate as to how the Israelis will make restitution to the Palestinian People for the lands that the Israelis have stolen from the Palestinians, and for the prolonged Israeli genocide of the Palestinian People. The Palestinians need not, and cannot, except the absurd proposition that a thief has a right to steal in order for negotiations for restitution to proceed. We want to negotiate a settlement. The Israelis obviously do not. The Israelis instead want to steal more of our land and blame us for their criminal actions. It is the Israelis who are refusing to recognize our right to exist as a sovereign People on the lands that the Israelis have stolen from us, and on the Palestinian lands they continue to invade in direct violation of international law."