Sunday, January 28, 2007

Syria Still an Israeli Target

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It seems that Iran occupies the attention of the warmongering Zionist press at the moment, but do not be fooled. Israel still has its sights set on attacking Syria.

As the Israelis pull every dirty trick in the book to bring the long suffering Palestinians and Lebanese into civil wars, I would caution the Syrians to be very careful at this time and to not become complacent or lax. It is critical at this time for Arabs to unite and make peace among themselves, without giving in to traitors. It is not an easy thing to do, but it must be done.

If the "Jewish State" can bring Palestine and Lebanon into civil war, they will put pressure on NATO and Turkey to act and become involved in these conflicts. The escalation of conflict will afford the Israelis an opportunity to manufacture a pretext to attack Syria, and they will not need permission to use Saudi or Turkish air space. The Jews will also not need assistance from the United States to attack Syria, and US troops will not be endangered in Iraq, unless Iran were to join the fray, a consummation devoutly wished by the Israelis.

Please be especially careful in what you say and do and talk of peace and peace talks and ask all of Islam to join with you to solve your problems internally in spite of the deliberate provocations of the Americans and Israelis. To the greatest extent possible, take your destiny into your own hands and make it a peaceful one. No one needs permission from the West or Israel to work for peace, justice and stability in the Middle East. Break free from any lingering colonial mentality and for all of those problems for which you have historically turned to the USA, UN, Europe, and Israel for a solution, instead accomplish for yourselves. No one knows your needs and your peoples better than yourselves. Please hold international peace and development conferences among your own Moslem nations and build yourselves a secure future.

Be especially careful that Israeli land proposals not be used to lure you into a war as the result of a "misunderstanding" turned into a "provocation".