Sunday, January 14, 2007

Trust NOT Their Assurances

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Do not believe the Zionists' assurances that they do not plan to attack Iran. Unless they are stopped, the Jewish controlled Bush regime will wage aggressive war on Iran and they will attack Iran with nuclear weapons.

Recall how the Israelis lied to the world during their unprovoked aggressive war on the defenseless nation of Lebanon. The "Jewish State" bought itself more, and still more, time with its endless lies that the Jewish genocide of the Arabs would soon end. The Jews sought to completely destroy the sovereign country of Lebanon, and did not care that their lies would eventually be exposed by their actions, because the absolute destruction of Lebanon would then be an accomplished fact and there would be nothing that could be done about it. The Jewish war criminals have gone unpunished, and traitors in Lebanon are at this very moment working with the Israelis to reopen the theater of aggressive war and finish the ancient Jewish job of annihilating Lebanon.

Bush and his fellow Zionists will continue to lie, and Zionist traitors in the Democratic Party will continue to stall with empty threats and meaningless and ineffective objections, until Bush attacks Iran. The destruction of Iran will then be an accomplished fact and the Jews of Israel, and their traitorous fifth column in America, will scapegoat America for their aggression, just as they have scapegoated America for their destruction of Lebanon, and of Iraq.

Recall the false assurances of the Zionists when they launched their unprovoked attacks on Iraq, that all would go well, and the expenses in lives and dollars would be repaid with stability and democracy in the Middle East. The Zionists' lies have been exposed by their actions, but their war crimes have gone unpunished, and the destruction of Iraq and instability of the Middle East, which were the Zionists' objectives from the beginning, are now an accomplished fact, and far too few are doing anything about these tragedies.

Never trust the Zionists or Israelis. Over and over again, they have proven that they are vile and psychopathic liars. Their promises of help are traps. Their promises of new nations are stumbling stones. Their promises of democracy open the doors to dictatorships and perpetual war.