Friday, February 23, 2007

Ahmadinejad's Posturing

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It appears that Iran is being set up to fall by taking a hardline stance with the UN that will backfire on Iran. The United States and NATO have artificially and unnecessarily created a crisis by proposing that a missile defense system be installed in Poland and the Czech Republic. Russia has stated that such an action would force Russia to target these nations with nuclear missiles.

This manufactured crisis gives the US leverage with which to persuade the Russians to stab the Iranians in the back. Should Russia agree to betray Iran, then the US would reverse course from its Cold War maneuvers.

Ahmadinejad is taking a hardline response to the UN, because he has assurances from Russia and China that they will block further moves by the UN. As before, the US has more to offer Russia and China than does Iran. Russia and China will use Iran and the US to create a situation whereby Russia and China will profit from the conflict. If that means betraying Iran, then they will betray Iran. Ahmadinejad is most unwise to stretch out Iran's neck and to place the fate of the nation in the hands of foreign powers, who have no great interest in Iran, and generally despise Islam and its republics.

Recall that China has given the West a gift by reining in North Korea in the near term. The next gift might well be the betrayal of Iran. In exchange, the US will betray South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In addition, Red China is greatly and justly concerned that American public opinion will soon call upon the American Government for protectionist policies against Red China, which would be devastating to the economy of Mainland China at this time. Beyond that, Zionist Jews are fueling Communist China's growth with investment capital, and are organizing its banking structure to replace the preeminence of American finance. In a quid pro quo deal between the West and China, Iran will lose.

The leadership of Iran are not stumbling along out of naivete, but rather they are working together with American Zionists to create a war. They have to be at least somewhat careful in how they accomplish this goal, for if they were to be too obvious, both the Iranian and American regimes might be overthrown. Hence the theater and Ahmadinejad.

Iran will lose public support if it does not make counter proposals to the UN that at least give the appearance of an atmosphere of negotiation, versus deliberate impasse. They must act in a mature and reasonable fashion, or world public opinion will turn against them. Iran should propose a forum in which it can voice its objections to the illegal impositions the UN is making on Iranian sovereignty and Iranian national rights. Without a peaceful means to resolve this artificial impasse, both sides will succeed in needlessly bringing about war, which is obviously what they want.

Russia will soon discover that they are next on the Zionist hit list, after Islam. There is a large and growing fifth column of Zionist Jews in Russia, and the country will be destroyed more easily than the Russians dare imagine.