Friday, February 09, 2007

Can American Soldiers and Victim Nations File Civil Suits Against Those Who Instigate and Conduct Illegal Aggressive War?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Our soldiers are suffering damages as a result of the illegal war in Iraq. This illegal war was planned and instigated by neo-Conservative warmongers, and the nation of Israel, over the course of decades. This illegal war has resulted in physical and emotional harm to our troops, and has violated their fundamental constitutional rights. Can our soldiers recover damages for the harms done to them? Can Iraqis recover damages for the harms done to them? Is illegal war a cause of action for a civil suit?

Many parties were involved in manufacturing the criminal war of aggression America is waging against Iraq. These include those who knowingly falsified evidence, those who conspired with Israel to instigate the criminal war of aggression, those who fraudulently inspired patriotic Americans to volunteer for the military to wage illegal war, etc.

If a judge should rule that the war is illegal, soldiers and officers would have a legal authority upon which to base a refusal to obey illegal orders. The mere act of filing suit, even if seeking the judgement of a nominal sum, would help to expose the Israeli fifth column and fourth estate operating in America, and would open up the process of discovery, whereby collusion between the media, American politicians, the arms and related military industries, and the nation of Israel could be further uncovered. The corruption of American politicians and the American press by the Israel Lobby would also be further exposed.

The American Congress and the White House have repeatedly demonstrated that they are a part of the Israeli fifth column, which is repeatedly and illegally bringing America into criminal aggressive war. The Constitution of the United States of America, Article 1, Section 8, states, "The Congress shall have power to [. . .] declare war[.]" We are further protected against a traitorous Presidency by the War Powers Resolution, Public Law 93-148.

Both the legislative and executive branches of our Government have been thoroughly corrupted by a hostile foreign power, namely the nation of Israel. The Judiciary alone affords the individual citizen the power to make a case before a jury of his or her peers, and seek a remedy directly through the will of the People.

Illegal war is a vast and highly profitable criminal conspiracy. Those who have lost limbs and loved ones should have a means by which to recover damages for their loss. The People should create a disincentive to illegal war by seeking punitive damages against those individuals, and those nations, who deliberately create it.