Saturday, February 24, 2007

Congress Must Intervene and Iran Must Make a Criminal Complaint

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The press is reporting that Israel is requesting fly over rights over Iraq for a potential air strike against Iran.

Israel seeks all clear for Iran air strike

If these reports are accurate and are not denied, the American Congress should assert its powers to prevent this escalation of war in the Middle East and insist that Israel not be allowed to commit this crime with American consent and cooperation; which crime of aggression, if it were to occur, would place American forces in greater danger in Iraq, would make the American mission in Iraq impossible, and would endanger American vessels in the Gulf. Israel has already stabbed America in the back by excavating near the Al Aqsa Mosque and thereby inflaming Islam. The American People have an opportunity here to say "no more" to Israeli subversion of our national interest and reckless endangerment of American forces.

The mere act of making such a request constitutes an illegal Israeli threat of aggressive war against Iran, and Iran must respond with a formal complaint against Israel. The United Nations ought to be outraged at Israel for making these aggressive gestures as the UN attempts to end this crisis through peaceful means by way of negotiation. Force the member nations to condemn Israel for its aggression and subversion of peace negotiations, or reveal that they are biased against Iran and want to see Iran aggressively attacked by Israel.