Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Constrain Abbas

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Palestinians should constrain Abbas in several ways. He should not be allowed to make any deals with Rice, or Olmert, on 19 February 2007, or even to meet with them. All proposals of a fundamental nature which will seriously affect the future of the Palestinians, and which are not agreed upon unanimously by the leaders of the various factions, should be subject to veto, which would then move the proposal to a referendum vote requiring a strong majority, perhaps 3/4, of the Palestinian People themselves.

It is key for loyal Palestinians to recover the funds the Israelis have stolen from the Palestinian People, and to ease the economic crisis, before any deals are struck. The Palestinian People must not be coerced into surrendering their birthright. The best means to prevent civil war is to improve the economic condition of the Palestinian People.

If the political parties are unable to overcome the Israeli efforts to divide the Palestinian People, then the Palestinians should hold a constitutional congress to establish a new constitution to secure their rights and to create a new government capable of representing the will of the Palestinian People, as opposed to the will of the Israelis. I would suggest something like the Swiss model. Make the "unity government" a transitional government to a new government which will ban political parties and disloyalty. Again, the Palestinians' problems are chiefly economic and their source is the inhuman Israeli campaign to genocide the Palestinian People.

The present parties should sharply focus on filing criminal and civil complaints in the international courts to recover damages for the harms Israel is inflicting upon the Palestinian People and for Israel's violations of United Nations Resolutions and International Law. The mere act of filing these complaints will focus attention on the Israeli genocide of the People of Palestine. Abbas should be forced to tell Rice and Olmert that he cannot meet with them under the present conditions of extortion and genocide, because no binding agreements can be made under conditions of duress and coercion. This will constrain not only Rice and Olmert, but also Abbas. It will also throw the Israelis' time schedule into disarray and create political problems for Olmert.

The Palestinians should invest in video cameras and launch a public relations blitz to expose the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian People. Israel's popularity is at an all time low. Jews do not want to travel to Israel, and the Zionist dream is dying. The more Palestinians can win the sympathy of the world, the stronger will be your hand when negotiating for a resolution of your national status. Emphasize the fact that Israel has always sought war and conflict and has never acted in good faith. Emphasize the fact that the United States has not been a neutral arbiter in the situation. All the world knows this, and you will establish a bond of trust with the people of the world by pointing out these simple truths, which the Jewish controlled media refuses to discuss.

Point the finger of accusation at the criminal Israelis and state that there can be "negotiations" through the extortion of the Palestinian People. Demand that Israel stop terrorizing the Palestinian People with genocidal sanctions.

Do everything in your power to prevent violence. The Israelis have a lock on the international media and take unfair advantage of every incident of violence to vilify Palestinians, Arabs and Moslems. Peace is your most reliable ally. Israel is a vampire that feeds off of your blood. Starve the vampire.