Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dispensationalist Christian Zionists, and the Jewish Zionists Behind Them, Are the Greatest Threat to Russia's National Security

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Wikipedia page on "Gog and Magog", under the subsection "Dispensationalism", states:

"According to one modern theory of dispensationalist Biblical hermeneutics, Gog and Magog are supposed to represent Russia. The Scofield Reference Bible's notes to Ezekiel claim that 'Meshech' is a Hebrew form of Moscow, and that 'Tubal' represents the Siberian capital Tobolsk. During the Cold War this identification led Hal Lindsey to claim that the Soviet Union would play a major role in the End Times. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the retreat of Russia from the role of a military superpower, some commentators have attempted to cast some other country in the role of Gog."—See the Jewish book of Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 in the Jewish Old Testament for the prophecies of the "Battle of Armageddon" and to understand what Christian Zionists and their Jewish Zionist handlers have in store for mother Russia.

Few Russians realize that Christian Zionists are openly calling for the genocide of the Russian People. Christian Zionists believe that God will soon "Rapture" them into Heaven, if only they can force the American Government to launch a nuclear strike on the nation of Russia and mass murder its People. I have yet to see either Russian or American media specifically call attention to this highly dangerous quasi-religous political movement for the destruction of Russia, which represents tens of millions of Americans.

The reason why this grave problem receives next to no attention is clear. These Christian Zionists are dupes of racist and genocidal Jewish Zionists. World Jewry has been mass murdering Russians for a very long time now. As recently as the 1970's, Jewish racist Meir Kahane sought to start World War III against Russia, so as to force the emigration of Russian Jews to Israel. It is no mere coincidence that at the same time Christian preachers began to preach that Russia is the "Gog and Magog" of Jewish apocalyptic myth. Wealthy Jews began to sponsor Christian Zionist preachers to encourage genocidal hatred of Russians, and the dehumanization and literal demonization of the Russian People, as if they are the armies of the anti-Christ.

Russia must confront this problem, and Putin ought to confront Bush and his genocidal Christian Zionist flock with their plan to commit nuclear genocide against the Russian People. That would take some attention away from Ahmadinejad, who will likely again become a focus of the Jewish media tomorrow, 2/11/07. Regardless of what happens in Iran, Russia would be well advised to take this situation seriously. The Christian Zionists have already enabled Israel to mass murder Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, and Afghanistanis, directly and through the US as their proxy. This is a very serious threat to the life and well being of every Russian citizen, and with the vast amount of resources which Russia devotes to national defense, it would be money well spent to produce a film documentary exposing this dire danger. There is readily available footage of televangelists and Christian radio personalities openly calling for the mass murder of all Russians. They put George W. Bush into the White House, and it was always Karl Rove's plan to use them to forward the Zionist agenda of the neo-Conservatives.