Thursday, February 22, 2007

Due Process of Law

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iran maintains that United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737 is void and illegal, in that it violates Iran's rights to enjoy the same freedoms and powers as all other nations, and the resolution violates the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and other international regulations. I would add that the process appears to violate the People of Iran's natural right to due process of law.

Iran ought to have access to a legal process by which to contest actions taken against it, which Iran believes violate its natural rights, represent selective enforcement, and which demonstrate clear bias and favoritism for some nations, while unduly oppressing others. Iran has the natural right to appeal illegal orders issued against it.

A face saving way out of this crisis would be for the UN to create an appeals process through which Iran could contest Resolutions made against its sovereign powers and freedoms. In turn, once this body is established and the process begun, Iran could agree to suspend its uranium enrichment activities pending appeal, and Iran should be given the right to recover damages from those nations seeking sanctions against Iran, should Iran's appeal be successful. Iran should also be entitled to file counter claims against Israel, America and other nations, seeking a judgement that a uniform and just standard be applied to all nations.

Humanity must find reasonable processes by which these crises can be resolved without resorting to war.