Thursday, February 15, 2007

Establish an International Islamic Coalition Court

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Since many Moslem nations have been infiltrated with traitorous Zionist leadership, they are ineffective in combating Zionist atrocities against Islamic Peoples and Israeli crimes against humanity. Another bar to justice for Moslems is the Zionist corruption of international bodies such as the United Nations, by means of a fifth column of Zionist traitors in the American Government.

Moslem Peoples could take their fate into their own hands by establishing an International Islamic Coalition Court, which would have the jurisdiction and legal authority to force Moslem governments to abide by its rulings. Moslem Peoples would have the power to place Israel on trial in this court. The court would have the power to impose sanctions on Israel and to enforce these sanctions by binding Moslem governments to withdraw diplomatic, economic and military relations with Israel, until such time as Israel complied with the rulings of the court.

Palestinians, for example, could charge Israel with genocide through illegal sanctions. If the court ruled in favor of the Palestinians, it could order all Moslem nations to cut off relations with Israel until such time as Israel honored the human rights of the Palestinians.