Monday, February 19, 2007

Facts "Christian" Zionists Should Consider

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Temple which the Jews of Israel are planning to build will NOT be a Temple for the worship of the Holy Trinity. Christians will NOT be allowed to enter the Jewish Temple, and once it is built, Christians will probably NOT be allowed to enter Jerusalem. The "Jews" who will run and minister the Temple will NOT be descendants of Aaron, nor even of Abraham. The Jewish King who will be anointed in the Temple will NOT be a descendant of David. The Jewish King will declare that he is the Messiah and that Jesus Christ was an impostor to his throne, the son of a whore, a devilish sorcerer and an idol to be shunned. The Jewish King will judge the nations and destroy all national sovereignty and will proscribe Christianity on pain of death by beheading. The animal sacrifices that will take place in the Jewish Temple will constitute a blasphemy against the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Consider also the fact that Israel is openly promoting war and hatred and the renunciation of the Christian values of peace, brotherly love and forgiveness.