Saturday, February 10, 2007

George Bush's Zionist Foreign Policy Is Making US Enemies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The neo-Conservatives openly state that their foreign policy is to create instability and chaos around the world. We must congratulate them on their success. They have made the world highly unstable and placed us on the brink of World War III. They have also made the United States of America a nation hated around the world.

At a time when even the slightest show of American strength, were it gracefully put to honorable use, would have made America the most popular Empire in history, the Zionist George W. Bush has instead, at the behest of Israel, made America a Pariah State, both the instrument of and the scapegoat for Israel's aggressions, and a rabid monster against whom all nations must rally in order to save themselves from genocidal attack.

The major powers of Asia are congealing into an anti-American coalition destined to save the world from American aggression. The loss of American prestige and good will is not good for business. The loss of jobs, industry and educational advantage is likely to cost us our financial future. Instead of remedying these crises, Bush deliberately and needlessly worsens them.

Who benefits from a war between America and the World? Israel will marry its software empire with Asia's technological empire. Israel will transfer American and European financial capital to Asia. Israel will milk Asia, as the United States dries up. And what of all that the United States has done for Israel? Are they not grateful? No, Israel will blame the United States for all the problems Israel has itself caused. Then Israel will band the United States with a Communist red flag, and send America into the dark wilderness of economic depression to face the devils of famine and civil war (Leviticus 16).

Israel is a parasite. Israel is a vampire. It feeds off of blood and dreads the light of day. Peace will kill it. Exposure to the antiseptic cleansing sunlight of honest scrutiny will kill it. Lifting the lying lips to show the hidden fangs and bloody tongues of its leaders and supporters around the globe will turn the world away from genocidal Jacob in disgust. We can no longer serve as the thoughtless mirror which hides the creeping fatal form of the expanding "Jewish State". We must drive a stake through its undead and heartless heart, before we too are bitten and the sun sets upon us forever.

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