Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Good Opportunity to Unify Palestinians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


World Jewry is worried that sympathy for Palestinians is growing, even among Jews. World Jewry is worried that the Palestinians will unite and deprive the Israelis of the Palestinian civil war the Jews of Israel so want.

In order to provoke disunity among Palestinians and to provoke Palestinians to retaliatory violence, the "Jewish State" has begun to excavate near the Al Aqsa Mosque. Israel hopes that the Palestinians will react violently and that the Mossad will be able to use the emotionally charged atmosphere the Jews are deliberately creating to undermine not only the foundation of Al Aqsa, but the foundations of the current efforts to unify Palestinians in the face of Israeli efforts to divide them. The Israelis also hope to provoke Palestinain violence so as to turn world public opinion against the Palestinians and for the Israelis.

The Palestinians should turn this naked Israeli aggression into an opportunity to unite Palestinians, and to create international sympathy for Palestinians and Moslems in general, and to create international outrage at Israel. All of those things the Jews of Israel hope to do to harm the Palestinians, the Palestinians should turn back on the aggressive Israelis.

Now is the time for Palestinian leadership to show an advanced level of restraint and wisdom and to call for Palestinians and the world to unite against this Israeli religious intolerance, this Israeli religious aggression, this deliberate Israeli provocation attacking Islam. This is the perfect time for Palestinians to demand that Abbas condemn Israel in the strongest terms and call for Palestinian unity. If Abbas refuses to do so, he will have again exposed himself.

No matter what Abbas does, Palestinians should react with political action, not military action. Calmly protest with a peaceful demonstration. Hold up signs condemning Israeli racism and religious intolerance. Call for the Pope to condemn this imposition of Judaism on other religious groups. Call for all of Islam to unite against this Israeli aggression in a peaceful and political campaign. Point out that this is an obvious Jewish religious provocation and meet it with a peaceful and political Islamic response.

Do not take the bait the Jews of Israel are laying at your doorstep, but instead let the Jews themselves fall into the pit they are digging on an Islamic Holy Site.