Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gunboat Diplomacy Is a Crime Against Peace

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


The Zionist Bush Administration has again flouted International Law by sending American carrier battle groups into the Persian Gulf to threaten Iran with war. George W. Bush, whose grandfather paid for the Holocaust of European Jewry, is engaging in illegal gunboat diplomacy and is thereby committing yet another Zionist Crime Against Peace. Iran, Russia, and the American People must demand that this open and illegal American aggression against the peaceful nation of Iran end. We can make it far more difficult for the Zionists to attack Iran, if we can force them to withdraw their advanced forces from the Gulf. Israel will be less bold to attack Iran, if it doesn't have American slave forces in the Gulf to protect it.

Israelis are a cowardly people. They always seek not only a cowardly advantage, but an absolute cowardly advantage. It would be a major advance towards lasting peace if we could remove the advance guard of Zionist aggression from the Gulf. We should also put the criminal aggressors on trial for their crimes against peace.

Video of US Presidential candidate John Edwards being questioned about Israel's nuclear weapons:

Edwards Middle East policy doesn't acknowledge Israeli nukes