Monday, February 19, 2007

Interfaith Council to Defeat the Anti-Christ Al-Dajjal

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Christians and Moslems who are committed to preserving their respective religions should unite to fight back against the anti-Christian, anti-Moslem Zionist movement and form an Interfaith Council to Defeat the Anti-Christ Al-Dajjal. World Jewry has actively been trying to destroy Christendom and Islam for more than 1,000 years. Judaism preaches the destruction of all other religions by violent force. World Jewry imposed Communism on billions of people, and has ruined the cultures and religions of Eastern Europe, pan-Slavia, Tibet and Red China. World Jewry has infiltrated and corrupted the Catholic Church. World Jewry has infiltrated and corrupted American Protestant churches.

What is it that World Jewry preaches with its false messianic movements of Zionism and Communism? World Jewry teaches Christians to wage war, to hate and murder their "enemies", to have no compassion or love for Moslems or Russians, and to seek to artificially manufacture the Battle of Armageddon, mass murder billions of people, and fight for a One World Government (run by Jews from Jerusalem), a One World Religion (Judaism), the construction of a Third Temple under the reign of a Jewish King who denies Jesus Christ, etc. World Jewry has hired wolves in sheep's clothing, impostors posing as Christians, to mislead Christians into supporting their anti-Christian Jewish agenda.

The Catholic Church, as a result of Jewish subversion, has abandoned many of the most fundamental tenets of its faith. The Palestinians have been abandoned by "Arab" and "Moslem" "leaders" who have been bought and paid for with stolen American money. Israeli Jews attack Al Aqsa with impunity. American politicians openly prostitute themselves to Israel and pledge to wage war on peaceful Moslem nations.

True Christians and Moslems around the World are calling for peace, while Israelis offer bribes to false prophets to promote war and genocide. "Christian" preachers on the Jewish payroll demand that Russia be annihilated and that Islam be reduced to a mass grave, and the American Government, under its traitorous Zionist leadership, not only does nothing to combat these monsters, but embraces them and their dangerous Jewish Zionist ideology. Why, because money and vanity rule these betrayers without a Christian or Moslem conscience.

The war is on and World Jewry is battling to reduce Christendom and Islam to ashes. What better way to fight back against Israel's campaign to pit Christianity against Islam, than to join together the forces of righteousness and peace to expose this organized Jewish campaign to corrupt and destroy Christianity and Islam? There can be no stronger calling of conscientious objection than to refuse to join the armies of anti-Christ al-Dajjal. There can be no stronger duty of faith for Moslems and Christians than to refuse hatred, unjust aggressive war, genocide and the organized destruction of one's own religion.

With a platform of peace, tolerance and dialogue, it would become instantly clear that the Council represents good, while the Israelis and their paid agents in America, who refuse to speak to Moslems, who foment and foster "Christian" hatred and warmongering, who call for One World Government and One World Religion, and who actively destroy the sovereignty and culture of all nations save Israel, are an evil force.

Do not allow Zionist Jews to hijack your religion and use it against you and against the principles you hold dear and divine. Do not allow Zionist Jews to use mass suggestion and crowd control techniques to turn Christianity into a machine for genocidal unjust war. Zionist Jews are doing to American Christians what they did to German patriots. Zionist Jews are teaching Christians to hate their fellow man and to murder him. Zionist Jews are doing to American Christians what they did to Russian patriots. Zionist Jews are teaching Christians that civil rights are a weapon of terror and must be destroyed, and that national sovereignty creates wars, which are in fact created by these same Zionist Jews. Zionist Jews are doing to American Christians what they did to Armenian patriots. Zionist Jews are teaching Christians that Christ will return if the Christians sacrifice themselves for the sake of the Jews.

What did the Germans, Russians, and Armenians profit from these "Jewish blessings"? The curse of millions dead and the loss of national sovereignty to a Jewish World Government. America's fate will be no different if American Christians continue to follow false prophets who openly desecrate the Scriptures and mock the Gospels by their actions.

Christians, you are being led by the impostor to commit acts of unspeakable evil and self destruction. Fight back with a message of love and peace.