Monday, February 26, 2007

Iran Should Draft and Distribute a Brief to Members of the UN

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Iranians should prepare a detailed legal argument citing points and authorities which prove that the UN's actions, under the coercion of Israel and the United States, are illegal. Iranians should not assume that people are aware of all of the issues and arguments involved. Instead, Iranians should present their side in a formal and detailed brief.

The Jewish controlled media gives a very slanted perspective on this crisis. People are in general very ill informed, and are deliberately misinformed in a way that favors Israel and unfairly condemns Iran. It is incumbent upon Iran to rectify that situation to the extent that they can. Iran should also compile a list of the open threats and known plans of Israel and the United States to illegally and aggressively attack Iran. Iran should prove that Israel and the United States are attempting to manufacture a pretext for their long planned illegal attack on Iran. Iran should also make it clear that Israel and the United States are simply using the UN as forum to wage aggressive war on Iran.

Again, it is very important to NOT assume that people are well informed on these issues. They are not, and the information they receive comes from the mass media, which is an extension of the Mossad. There is abundant proof that Israel is taking illegal steps to manufacture a war of aggression against Iran. There is abundant proof that Israel is corrupting the political processes of the United States in order to cause America to illegally and aggressively attack Iran.

Iran can and should, must expose these facts in a detailed report and present it to diplomats, heads of state, religious leaders, etc. around the world. Make it clear that the Israelis' plans also call for the destruction of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, etc. and that Iran is just one on a long list of states that Israel intends to illegally destroy. Prove to the nations of the world that they have a self interest in defending themselves against illegal Israeli aggression, by calling a halt to this open and prolonged attack on Iran. Most especially emphasize that the Israeli attack is part of a pattern of aggression, and show how it mirrors the attack on Iraq, and is bound to have even worse consequences for the region and the world, and how it will lead to world war. Don't just make assertions, but prove these facts and logical arguments with a detailed analysis.

There are many ways for Iranians to defend themselves from this illegal Israeli aggression. It is very important for Iran to present a detailed legal defense and to distribute it, so that those who would help Iran in its defense will have a powerful resource to use in Iran's defense. Distribute it also to the media, and post it on the web. Such a document would improve not only Iran's legal case, but its international image, and would make it much easier for Iran's allies to unite against Israel.

Iran, you are making an appeal to public opinion against the Israelis, who are promoting an attack against you. Shape the mind of the court and give it arguments to use in your defense, so that those who would come to your defense can do so easily and with a minimum of effort, and will have the facts and arguments they need to defend you. By presenting and framing your arguments in your own words, you will also decrease the likelihood that those who purport to help you will actually hurt you by misrepresenting your actual positions.