Saturday, February 24, 2007

Israel Denies, America Sighs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel has wisely denied the press report that it is seeking permission to fly over Iraqi air space in the event of an Israeli attack on Iran.

The press has also reported that the Israelis are planning to use nuclear weapons to attack Iran. The American Congress is obliged to investigate these press reports. If they are true, Israel's aggression would likely destroy the World economy and plunge the World into a nuclear World War III. These press reports are consistent with numerous open and well documented threats made by Israeli authorities and by the Israeli press to wage aggressive war against Iran. Whether or not the reports of Israeli military plans to nuke Iran and use Iraqi air space to do it ultimately prove correct, the open and undeniable aggressive threats coming from Israel are grounds for Congressional action to curb Israeli warmongering.

Note that the leaders of Iran often respond immediately to statements made by American and British officials, and the American and British press; but usually do not respond to the often far more egregiously aggressive commentary coming from Israel. Why is that?

Why does Iran assert its rights in flamboyant and often counterproductive public declarations, but takes no action to assert them in the international courts, or through professional diplomacy?

Why is the American Congress quick to condemn Iran and Syria for unsubstantiated rumors that they are interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, and yet the American Congress openly whores itself out to Israel, thereby colluding with Israel to subvert the interests of the American People? Why are the Jewish controlled American media largely silent on this issue, while loudly parroting Israeli propaganda which accuses Iran and Syria of committing crimes Israel openly commits against the United States? Why is there next to NO condemnation of the Israeli subversion of American democratic processes to accomplish such vile ends as illegal aggressive war against nations which have done nothing to harm America, but which Israel has openly threatened to destroy? Why is there next to NO condemnation of the parasitic Israeli draining of the US Treasury?

Does the Jewish controlled press of America harbor loyalties to America, or to Israel? Clearly the two countries' interests are in opposition, and the Jewish controlled press refuses to inform the American People of facts, the exposure of which runs counter to the interests of Israel, but the exposure of which is essential to the American People. Why is it that Israel's desires trump America's interests in the Jewish controlled American media and in the Jewish controlled American Government?

Would we tolerate it if Canadians and Canadian Americans bought up our media and government and used them to forward Canadian interests to the detriment of the American People? Our nation is being subverted by a foreign power that has a 2,500 year old plan to destroy our nation and all other nations along with it. This foreign power, the Jewish nation, has demonstrably destroyed numerous "super powers" throughout its long and terrible history. Will our hubris and complacency add America to the ever growing list?

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