Friday, February 16, 2007

The Israeli Desecration of Al Aqsa Foreshadows the Abolition of Islam and of Christendom

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The "Christian" Zionists are dupes of Trotskyite Jews, who deceptively call themselves "neo-Conservatives". Leon Trotsky was a Jew, whose real name was Lev Bronstein. He was a Bolshevist, who wanted to fulfil Jewish messianic prophecy by destroying all the Gentile nations of the Earth, by destroying all Gentile culture, and by eliminating Christianity and Islam. In artificial fulfilment of Jewish messianic prophecy, Trotsky openly called for a World Government run by Jews, which would prohibit Gentile culture and religion. Trotsky was the human face of Cabalistic Judaism in his time, just as neo-Conservative Trotskyite Jews are the human face of Cabalistic Judaism in our time. Trotsky brought war, mass murder, the loss of national sovereignty and the suppression of fundamental human rights. Neo-Conservative Trotskyite Jews bring war, mass murder, the loss of national sovereignty and the suppression of fundamental human rights.

World Jewry is preparing to demolish the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and build the "Third" Jewish Temple on this sacred Moslem site. This is a blasphemy against Christianity, as well as Islam. According to Christian doctrine, Jesus was the sacrifice that ended the Temple sacrifices. Jesus was the final atonement for the sins of mankind. The Kingdom of Israel is a heavenly Kingdom in the tenets of the Christian faith.

World Jewry despises Jesus and Christendom, and Bolshevism was just one of many historical movements Jews began in order to ruin Christianity and Islam. "Christian" Zionism is another Jewish creation meant to destroy the Christian faith and enthrone the anti-Christ Jewish King of modern times in Jerusalem. "Christian" Zionism was created and financed by the same Jews who gave the world Bolshevism and the mass murder of Christians under Bolshevism and under the crypto-Jewish "Young Turk" movement.

In direct violation of International Law, the Jews of Israel have repeatedly attacked the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock. They have also desecrated Christian Holy Sites in Israel. The Jews are taught that Christians and Moslems are forbidden to enter "Greater Israel", which means that all non-Jews must be expelled from the territory from the Nile River to the River Euphrates, and those who would linger must be exterminated.

Zionist Jews want to force all Gentiles, and especially Palestinians, out of Jerusalem (Isaiah 52:1), and out of Israel and "Greater Israel" from the Nile to the Euphrates. They follow the ancient law of the halakha that only Jews and Judaism be permitted in the "Holy Land", while hypocritically insisting that Jews be permitted religious freedom, be permitted citizenship and be enfranchised in all other lands of the Earth. Yehoshafat Harkabi noted that Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote in modern times,

"The Arabs of Israel are a desecration of God's name. Their non-acceptance of Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel is a rejection of the sovereignty of the God of Israel and of his kingdom. Removing them from the land is therefore more than a political matter. It is a religious matter, a religious obligation to wipe out the desecration of God's name. Instead of worrying about the reactions of the Gentiles if we act, we should tremble at the thought of God's wrath if we do not act. Tragedy will befall us if we do not remove the Arabs from the land, since redemption can come at once in its full glory if we do, as God commands us. . . . Let us remove the Arabs from Israel and hasten the Redemption (Thorns in Your Eyes, pp. 244-245)."—English translation in: Y. Harkabi, Israel's Fateful Hour, Harper & Row, New York, (1988), p. 148. Harkabi cites: M. Kahane, Thorns in Your Eyes, New York, Jerusalem, (1980?), pp. 244-245.

Yehoshafat Harkabi noted that Maimonides wrote long ago,

"An affirmative precept is enjoined for the destruction of idolatry and its worshippers, and everything made for its sake. . . . In the Land of Israel, it is a duty actively to chase out idolatry until we have exterminated it from the whole of our country. Outside of the holy land, however, we are not so commanded; but only that whenever we acquire any territory by conquest, we should destroy all the idolatry found there (Hilkhot Avodah Zara, ch. 7:1)."—Y. Harkabi, Israel's Fateful Hour, Harper & Row, New York, (1988), p. 156.


"It is forbidden to show them mercy, as it was said, 'nor show mercy unto them' (Deut. 7:2). Hence, if one sees one of them who worships idols perishing or drowning, one is not to save him. . . . Hence you learn that it is forbidden to heal idolators even for a fee. But if one is afraid of them or apprehends that refusal might cause ill will, medical treatment may be given for a fee but not gratuitously. . . . The foregoing rules apply to the time when the people of Israel live exiled among the nations, or when the Gentiles' power is predominant. But when Israel is predominant over the nations of the world, we are forbidden to permit a gentile who is an idolator to dwell among us. He must not enter our land, even as a temporary resident; or even as a traveler, journeying with merchandise from place to place, until he has undertaken to keep the seven precepts which the Noachides were commanded to observe (Hilkhot Avodah Zara, ch. 10:8)."—Y. Harkabi, Israel's Fateful Hour, Harper & Row, New York, (1988), p. 157.

Once the Jews anoint their anti-Christian King, they will be compelled by their religion to forbid all non-Jews to enter the Holy Land other than as the slaves of the Jews.