Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Israeli Nazis and the Gaza Ghetto

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israeli Nazis are starving Palestinian children in the Gaza Ghetto. Note that the Jewish controlled media is largely silent on this issue. Governments around the world say and do nothing to end the horror. Instead they blame the Palestinians for the fact that the Israelis are starving the Palestinians. What is the Palestinians' crime? They dare to live.

The psychopathic cruelty of the Israelis will escalate when they bring the world into World War III. The ghettoes of Gaza and the West Bank will become death camps. The forefathers of the Jews who live in Palestine, "Israel" they call it, mass murdered the Armenians, in no small part by means of controlled, deliberate and needless starvation. They mass murdered Ukrainians and Russians in the tens of millions by means of controlled, deliberate and needless starvation. Zionist Jews proudly starved hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children to death. They even murdered fellow Jews by the millions by starvation and disease. Today, we watch them starving Palestinian children and the world is silent.

When you look at the Israeli flag think of the starving Palestinians. Think of all of the wars that Zionist Jews have deliberately caused. Theirs is the flag of death the Israeli Nazis will drape over the coffin of humanity, if we let them.

In the News:

Half of Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza malnourished