Saturday, February 03, 2007

More on 2/11/07. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry has built up Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as their latest international bogy. But they are worried that their campaign to destroy Iran could be derailed if the Iranian People deposed Ahmadinejad and the theocratic regime above him. World Jewry is not out to depose Ahmadinejad, who is their man, nor are they out to put an end to Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program. World Jewry wants to wipe Iran off the map and annihilate the Iranian People. Therefore, it is important to World Jewry that the Iranian People in general be seen as a supposed threat to humanity.

Ask yourselves why it is that Ahmadinejad wants the Iranian People to rally around and support Iran's primitive and suicidal uranium enrichment program. Ask yourselves why Ahmadinejad is not only doing nothing to defuse the situation, but is instead fueling the march towards war. Consider how bizarre it is that the crypto-Jewish theocratic leadership of Iran is dedicating itself, and the staged events planned for 2/11/07, to fooling the world into believing that there is unity among the Iranian People in support of him and his government, and unanimous popular support for Iran's uranium enrichment program. A national unity movement for uranium enrichment? What an odd thing for them to focus on!

They are ensuring that the Iranian People at large become the target of the coming attack. They are ensuring that even if Ahmadinejad and the crypto-Jews above him are deposed, that the nation of Iran and the Iranian People will still be destroyed.

The primary responsibility of the Iranian Government is to ensure the survival of the Iranian People. The government of Iran is instead working to destroy the Iranian People. The Iranian People must therefore reject their government and rally around the virtue of peace.

The Iranian People should demonstrate for peace and prosperity on 11 February 2007. Offer the world images of Iranians holding signs calling for peace, not images of goosestepping troops. Offer the world images of Iranians in business suits with their families calmly and reasonably explaining to the world that they are not a threat to anyone, but simply want to live out their lives in a peaceful and prosperous modern Iran.

Do not allow yourselves to be tricked into becoming the general targets of genocidal Zionist aggression! Rally around the beautiful virtues of PEACE, not Ahmadinejad's primitive centrifuges!