Sunday, February 04, 2007

Poor Palestine

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At the behest of World Jewry, we won't give the Palestinians enough schools for their children. We won't even let them feed their children. In fact, we help Israelis to steal the Palestinians' money, so that Palestinian children will starve.

Instead of helping the Palestinians to thrive in peace and security, we eagerly teach Palestinians to kill other Palestinians. We give them arms and fund mass murder and civil war.

World Jewry must be stopped before it does to all of us what it is currently doing to the Palestinians.

The Mossad have been planning for these events for a very long time and have thoroughly infiltrated the Palestinian public and leadership. Money corrupts. World Jewry has a lot of money, and they dictate how American money is spent. . . and not spent. Palestinians should investigate how members of the community were recruited by the Mossad to murder other Palestinians and create a civil war. Follow the money trail and it will lead to Mossad agents. Offer rewards to root out these subversives. If it is at all possible, solicit funds to counter the incentives the Israelis are offering to betray the Palestinian People. As far as is humanly possible, try to alleviate the economic crisis, and to the extent that you can, you will decrease the likelihood of full scale civil war. The Palestinians should call for an international investigation of the crimes being committed against you aimed at mass murdering Palestinians and creating a civil war in Palestine.

We in America have a moral obligation and a self interest in opposing this criminal and hypocritical use of American Intelligence forces and funds to promote the destruction of the Palestinian People. How dare we condemn others for allegedly interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, while we openly promote, pay for and train for mass murder and civil war among highly vulnerable and long suffering peoples? We have to insist that the American Government stop genociding the Palestinian People. We have to insist that the American Government provide direct aid to the Palestinians. We must demand that Israel disarm, and we must cut off all funding to the genocidal "Jewish State". We must demand that the Congress investigate this criminal use of American resources to promote death and destruction in Palestine. The world public should demand that the UN and other international bodies investigate and stop these criminal activities.

Judaism is a vile religion, which teaches the Jews to exterminate the Palestinians without mercy (Deuteronomy 7:2). If the US continues down the path World Jewry is paving, we will ourselves face the same fate as the Palestinians.

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