Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Positioning Iran as the Lone Pariah

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


As I predicted, the crypto-Jewish leadership of Iran used the Iranian People against itself to falsely portray the Iranian People as if they were myopically focused on enriching uranium, so as to dash all hopes that should Ahmadinejad and his masters be removed, the crisis will end. North Korea, under the mandates of Communist China, under the mandates of World Jewry, has taken the reasonable route of backing off its nuclear weapons program. The timing of its actions are auspicious for World Jewry.

The "axis of evil" rhetoric is narrowing to constrict Iran. Now World Jewry can claim that even Kim Jong-il has seen the error of his ways, and Iran is worse than he. The Iranian People were set up by Ahmadinejad and Israel to vilify themselves in the court of world public opinion.

I suspect, though, the whining will back fire on World Jewry, but that won't prevent them from attacking Iran. The best means to prevent the Israeli attack, is to expose to all the World that World Jewry is behind it, and has been from the start. They are getting nervous that their crimes are being exposed. They desperately seek a scapegoat, a stupid Esau to wield their genocidal sword. That is why it is so necessary to warn the World that Israel is the aggressor, and that it is against the best interests of the World to attack Iran, and that such an attack would stem from Israel and would only profit World Jewry. Even the dumbest Goy is not likely to knowingly step into a trap.

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