Friday, February 02, 2007

Sunnis Are Being Set Up to Fall. . . into Their Graves

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish leaders have dark plans for Sunni Moslems. They are setting up the Sunnis for extermination.

World Jewry long ago decided to destroy Iraq. One of their objectives was to pit Sunnis against Shia. They knew that a Balkanized Iraq would result in a conflagration, because the Sunnis would lose out on oil revenues. They also knew that they could use a Sunni versus Shia conflict to create civil wars in Lebanon, Syria, and in Palestine, by dividing Palestinians between Arab States loyal to Israel, and Iran, which is the only nation calling for relief for the Palestinians. Both sides are setting up the Palestinians to kill each other, then in their weakened and utterly desperate condition, the Palestinians will be provoked by Zionist agents provocateur to launch a suicidal attack on Israel with arms given to them at the behest of the Israelis for the purpose.

I, and others, have long ago predicted these revolutions and civil wars, and the rise of a Sunni versus Shia conflict across the Middle East. I also predict that when these forces weaken one another, attention will turn from the Shia to the Sunni, and World Jewry will attempt to exterminate both in death camps. Egypt is already being set up to fall.

We hear traitorous Zionist agents in the American media beginning to create a manufactured hysteria over the supposedly emerging Egyptian threat. The Jewish controlled media do not mention that huge portions are Egypt are a part of "Greater Israel". They do not mention that Jewish apocalyptic literature calls for the annihilation of Egypt and extermination of the Egyptians in the last battles of mankind. The do not say that Jews have always despised Egyptians and called for their extermination. They do not say that Jews call the Egyptians animals, the seed of asses, crocodiles, snakes, etc. Zionist agents in Egypt are calling for Egypt to acquire nuclear weapons, so as to provide Israeli pretexts for the next series of Zionist attacks on Moslems.

With World War III, we will face a world wide economic depression, the likes of which we have not yet seen. We have seen famine an the African Continent take the lives of millions of people. World Jewry will create worse famine by artificial means, as they did in Russia and the Ukraine after the Jews took control of Russia. They will kill off the Egyptians through war, through famine and in death camps, and the world will do nothing to stop them. They also plan to kill off the rest of the Arabs, and the Iranians. The Turks, Kurds, Armenians, and Pakistanis are also on their short list. The rest of us come next.

The Twentieth Century was far more violent than the virulently violent Nineteenth Century, which was bloodier than the bloody Eighteenth Century. World Jewry, with increased power over the purse and media of the world, artificially created these wars, civil wars and revolutions, so as to artificially fulfill Jewish end times prophecy. If we follow their plans, we will find that the Twenty-First Century is due to produce the extinction of the human race and the living environment of the Earth, not by "Hashem's" hand, but through the deliberate machinations of World Jewry (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22).