Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Well Done!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Fars News Agency reports today that Iran is making significant progress in gaining allies for peace and prosperity in Latin America. These moves have great potential for the immediate future and could build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships for centuries to come. A union of Catholic Latin America and the Islamic Middle East shows that humanity can function together in peace and harmony.

It would be wonderful if Iran could find many member states of pan-Islam to join them in this joint venture with Latin America. Central and South America have much to offer the Islamic States, as they have much to offer Latin America. It is likely that protectionist measures, which have always unfairly hurt Latin America, will worsen in years to come to create growth in the US and Europe, while slowing growth in Mainland China, and the Southern Asian States and India. Moslem countries like Malaysia and Indonesia could form part of a bridge spanning the globe to include the Middle East and Latin America, which would shield them from protectionist measures. They could form their own banking, currency, and trade structures, which would be independent of the World Bank and the Jewish banking houses and central banks.

It would be a real coup if Moslem unity could join with Latin American unity, one fostering the growth and health of the other. Shia and Sunni could find common ground in Latin American, with its great potential, natural, economic, agricultural, industrial, and as labor. In turn, pan-Islam has at its disposal unbelievable pools of investment capital, of which the US and Europe have forever deprived Latin America. Iran is famous for its institutions of education and Latin America could make great progress in the field of education.

Again, these positive steps could serve as a basis for Iran to cooperate with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia and other Moslem States to secure the long term future of Islam by building a bridge to South and Central America. This could be used to promote Moslem unity, as well as to promote international cooperation between Christendom and Islam. I congratulate Iran on these bold and successful initiatives!