Monday, February 19, 2007

What Does Russia Know That We Don't? What Do We Know That the Russians Don't?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The recent problems between Russia and Iran over their nuclear cooperation indicate that Russian intelligence knows that the US and Israel will soon attack Iranian nuclear facilities, and that Iran will be unable to pay its bills. What both the Iranians and Russians should realize, is that the Jewish Battle of Armageddon will target Russia after it annihilates Iran and the rest of Islam. World Jewry will exploit "Christian" Zionists to force the American Government to nuke "Magog", a. k. a. Russia.

Russia obviously knows that NATO and the US are gearing up to attack them. They do not appear to understand why.

Iran and Russia should confront the Lobby of the "Christian Right" in America and put political pressure on it. Iran and Russia should investigate the leaders of these movements and expose any skeletons in their closets. The Jewish Zionists would not promote these "Christian" Zionists without the ability to control them. They are, therefore, vulnerable. Expose the Jewish Zionist financing of these charlatans and generate tensions between wealthy Jews and these clowning puppets, who are openly calling for the genocide of Moslems and Russians. Russia should demand that the UN investigate the "Christian" Zionist movement and its open incitements to aggressive nuclear war and genocide.

If Russia wants to save itself, it should let it be known that Russia knows that Israel and World Jewry is behind this new world war, with all that implies.