Monday, February 12, 2007

When Will Iranian "Leadership" Respond to the Open Israeli Aggression, When the Mushroom Clouds the Sky With the Blood of the Iranian People?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Are the crypto-Jewish theocrats misleading Iran ever going to directly respond to the open Israeli threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran, or will they continue to focus their attention almost exclusively on the United States and continue to lie to the Iranian People by telling them that they have nothing to fear—just as Israel would want them to do?

In the News:

"ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons.

Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear 'bunker-busters', according to several Israeli military sources."Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter, "Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran", The Sunday Times, (7 January 2007).

"SPIEGEL: You said recently that Israel might have to stand alone and therefore must be ready to deal unilaterally with the Iran problem.

Lieberman: That is the worst-case scenario. The differences in opinion between Russia and Western Europe, between Europe and the U.S., between the U.S. and the United Nations have destabilized the global political system. We have to take into account that the international community may not do anything and that Israel may have to act alone.""SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN" conducted by Christian Neef and Christoph Schult, quoting Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Strategic Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, Der Spiegel, SPIEGEL ONLINE,,,1518,465769,00.html, (12 February 2007).

"We must turn to Hillary Clinton and other potential presidential candidates in the Democratic Party so that they publicly support immediate action by Bush against Iran. We should also approach European countries so that they support American actions in Iran, so that Bush will not be isolated in the international arena again. We must clandestinely cooperate with Saudi Arabia so that it also persuades the US to strike Iran."Brigadier General (Res.) Oded Tira, Former IDF Chief Artillery Officer, "What to do with Iran?",,7340,L-3346275,00.html, (30 December 2006).

"'Once you say that Iran is like Nazi Germany and that it is willing to use its nuclear weapons to destroy Israel regardless of the destruction it would bring to their own country, you are really arguing that there is no alternative but for Israel and the United States to attack first,' said M.J. Rosenberg, director of policy analysis for the Israel Policy Forum."James D. Besser, "Leading Hawk Warns Of Hysteria Over Iran: Suggestion that war is only option misguided, JINSA official says", The Jewish Week,, (9 February 2007).

"We must cry Gevalt before the entire world[. . . .] In 1938, Hitler didn't say he wanted to destroy [the Jews]; Ahmadinejad is saying clearly that this is his intention, and we aren't even shouting. At least call it a crime against humanity. We must make the world see that the issue here is a program for genocide."Likud chair MK Benjamin Netanyahu, Ninth Prime Minister of Israel, as quoted in Mazal Mualem, "Netanyahu wants Iran president tried for genocide",,, (15 December 2006).