Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why Doesn't Rice Demand that the Israelis Abide by International Law and United Nations Resolutions?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rice's presence in the Middle East affords Moslems with a golden opportunity to defend themselves from Zionist aggression. I would suggest, however, that they make a few changes in their rhetoric, so as to drive a wedge between patriotic Americans and the Israeli enemy, which is attacking Americans as well as Islam. Make common cause with loyal Americans.

Moslem leaders should ask again and again and again why Rice is always attacking Moslems and siding with Israel against the world? Does she hate Moslems? Is she being paid off by Israelis, like so many American presidential candidates? Why is she so consistently biased against Moslems? Are Moslems subhuman, Israelis superhuman, or both, in Rice's view?

Why is Rice always taking Israel's side? Why didn't Rice stop Israel from committing genocide against Lebanese Moslems? Why doesn't Rice stop Israel from committing genocide against Palestinian Moslems? Why does Rice slavishly make Israeli demands on the Palestinians, but never demands that Israel abide by International Law and United Nations Resolutions?

Learn to phrase things in ways which unite Moslems, and which alienate the Israeli enemy from loyal Americans. Speak of Israeli aggression against Christians, Shia and Sunni Moslems in Lebanon, instead of simply speaking of Israeli aggression against Lebanon. Unite Christians and all Moslems, while alienating the Israeli aggressor.

Don't say "US plots," but rather "neo-Conservative schemes," or better still "documented pro-Israel, anti-Moslem neo-Conservative plans for regional domination and Middle Eastern instability and war." That way, you don't unite Israelis and Americans, but sponsor suspicion of undue Israeli influence over American politics, thereby driving a wedge between Israel and America.

Speak of the "unpopular Zionist President, George W. Bush, whose grandfather paid for the Holocaust." Make Israelis suspicious of Bush. He is a traitorous tool of Jewish financiers, and he should be confronted with his treachery, and that of his ancestors. Plant the seed in the Israelis' mind that Bush is setting them up for their demise. Indeed, it appears that he is doing so.

Speak of Zionist aggression against Shia and Sunni Moslems in Iraq, instead of aggression against Iraq. Try to unite Shia and Sunni against the common enemy. Show that aggression against the one is aggression against the other. Speak of Israeli and Zionist aggression against Shia and Sunni Moslems in Syria and Iran. Speak of Israeli aggression against Islam at Al Aqsa. Place all Moslems under a common umbrella of unified protection and unified defense.

Rice will try to change the subject in this news cycle from the Congressional rejection of Bush, and the American People's rejection of Bush, to yet another attack on Moslems. Ask, "why is the Zionist President George W. Bush, whose grandfather paid for the Holocaust, so Islamophobic?" Point out that Bush refuses to even speak to Palestinian, Syrian and Iranian Moslems, because he hates Moslems, even those in his pocket.

It will irritate loyal Americans to hear the President called the "Zionist President" instead of the "American President" and this will plant a seed in their minds and start them to questioning Bush's loyalties. Point out that Bush wants war, not peace, and that Rice is in the Middle East to spread war and create instability. She wraps herself in the Israeli flag and spits on the Moslems with her double standards and hateful arrogance. She demands that Moslems do as she says, while she helps the Israelis to flout International Law, and mass murder Moslems.

Ask Rice why she has no compassion for the Palestinian children who are starving. Ask her why it didn't bother her when Israel dropped bombs on Lebanese children. Ask her if Moslem life is just an obstacle to her Zionist plans for Israeli dominance in the Middle East.

Point out that Syrians are predominantly Sunni, and Iranians are predominantly Shia, and as true Moslems, the two nations are allies who are cooperating for international peace and regional stability in the Middle East.