Thursday, March 01, 2007

Join Voices to Condemn the Aggressor

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Moslems have a religious duty to join voices against the Zionist aggressor. The Zionists plan to destroy all Moslem nations, and are directly oppressing the Palestinians, and indirectly mass murdering the Iraqis.

Saudis and Iranians could join together to produce films and books advocating for Moslems and for peace. They could document Zionist crimes against Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis, as well as illegal Zionist threats against many other Moslem nations, including Saudi Arabia and Iran. Make it clear to the World that the Zionists are the aggressor, and the Moslems are the peaceful victims of illegal Zionist aggression. Also show how the Zionists are destroying the World economy and are planning to unnecessarily throw the World into World War III. The only group which has threatened nuclear attack are the Zionists.

Please, for the sake of peace and the survival of humanity, use your combined might and stand together for the truth against illegal Zionist aggression.