Thursday, March 08, 2007

Olmert Details Criminal Israeli Plan to Wage Illegal Aggressive War on Lebanon: Lebanese Should Sue Israel for Israel's Planned Destruction

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is amazing to me that the Moslem World, which is about to be annihilated by Israel, stands mute after Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has confessed that the Israeli war against Lebanon was a criminal conspiracy planned well in advance. Moslems should be loudly calling for war crimes trials! Moslems should be protesting in front of every Israeli Embassy and Consulate in the World. Moslems leaders should be demanding that Israel be criminally prosecuted. The Lebanese People should file millions of civil suits demanding that Israel pay retribution for their planned Israeli war crimes! Wake up Moslems, and seize your opportunities!

The Israelis recognize the vulnerability Olmert has exposed. Members of the Israeli Knesset are desperate to disparage Olmert's admission. Israelis know that Olmert has admitted that Israel has perpetrated a massive crime. Israelis know that Israel ought to be prosecuted and that the Lebanese have a solid cause of action to sue Israel. The only people who seem to not recognize the significance of Olmert's confession are the Lebanese, and more broadly the World of Islam.

Good People, beautiful Moslems, God has given you a gift by which to save yourselves from the genocidal Israelis. Exercise your rights and fight for your survival, or you will soon be attacked as you have never been attacked before. Israel's popularity is at an all time low. Take this opportunity to drive it further into the mud. Take the offensive and drive the Israelis back on their cowardly and conniving heels. You are not likely to ever have such a golden opportunity to attack Israel politically again.

The supposed perpetual victim of Israel has admitted that it was the rabid aggressor. Innoculate yourselves from the terminal disease of Zionism.

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