Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who Is Nicolas Sarkozy?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

According to the French Wikipedia page dedicated to Sarkozy, his father was an Hungarian and his mother descended from the Sephardic Jews of Salonika. She converted to Catholicism. Another website asserts that both of Sarkozy's parents were Jewish.

Sephardic Jews from Salonika are perhaps most famous for producing the "Young Turks". Baruchyah Russo became the Jewish Messiah after Shabbatai Zevi. He founded an immensely wealthy and highly influential sect of crypto-Jews in Salonika, some of whom would pretend to be Catholics, some of whom would pretend to be Moslems, some of whom would pretend to be both Catholic and Moslem. Jacob Frank emerged from this lineage. The writings of these crypto-Jews reveal that they intended to pretend to convert to other religions so that they can subvert Gentile societies and destroy them from within and from without.

Jacob Frank's immediate relatives were the motive force behind the "French" Revolution, and all of the bloodshed which followed. Frank and his followers pretended to be Catholics and destroyed the flourishing Polish Empire from within. They infiltrated the Catholic Church and have rotted it out from within. They enabled the Rothschilds to take over control of the Church and to bilk Catholics, especially French Catholics, of their wealth. French Catholics believed they had a duty to pay the debts the Popes ran up so as to create a perpetual source of income for the Rothschilds.

In the Turkish Empire, the Salonika crypto-Jews pitted Moslems against Christians and destroyed the power of both in the Middle East. They also mass murdered the Armenians.