Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ron Paul, Friend or Foe?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul presents himself as a dissenting voice presumably representing America's founding values, but is he in fact, wittingly or unwittingly, a pawn of the Zionist Jewish bankers? Is Ron Paul a new Senator Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich, who will flip the bankers' coin in their game of corrosive inflation followed by destructive deflation?

Paul receives the golden seal of approval from gold merchants and Israel-first Zionist Jews posing as if "Christian American patriots". On the other hand, Paul, to his credit, opposes Zionist inspired American aggression against Moslem nations in the Middle East, but can this noble stance be exploited to peel away votes from more viable candidates? Could Ron Paul be used as a spoiler candidate, and then as a voice in Congress for banking "reforms" which will profit the Jewish bankers who control the World's gold? Elections often swing on a handful of votes.

Jewish bankers have traditionally hired, or duped, Shabbas Goys to demand banking reforms, after the Jewish bankers have deliberately created the conditions for an economic crash. This provides the Jewish bankers with an opportunity to institute the policies they seek to employ to further rob nations of their wealth. Before creating the Federal Reserve in 1913, the Jewish bankers first rocked the financial world with numerous scams meant to destroy the American economy, so as to leave Americans clamoring for reforms, and the Jewish bankers had ready "reforms" which would rob the American People and fatten the Jewish bankers.

It appears that history is repeating itself as the Jewish bankers plan for a replacement of the Federal Reserve System with a new system that will again prevent the American People from issuing their own currency, and which will greatly enrich the already unimaginably wealthy Jewish banking families who already control the majority of the wealth of the World, and who have sought absolute control over the money supply of the World for 2,500 years. The Jewish bankers want to seal the coffin on America and have taken many steps to weaken to us.

Do not blindly follow, nor dismiss, Ron Paul. Carefully examine his candidacy in the broader context of the election of both parties' candidates. Consider how he might be used to swing these elections, and test him to see if he is dogmatic, or open minded, in his disastrous plan to push America into a ruinous "Gold Standard", a plan that would only profit the Jewish bankers when they sell us back the gold which they have stolen from us, and secure the debts they have led America into and on which they intend to collect by land, or by gold. Test Paul and see if he will identify the fact that the Jewish bankers who created the Federal Reserve were Zionist Jews led by the Rothschilds, who sought to become Kings of the Jews and by extension Kings of the human race. Is he really fighting the Jewish bankers, or merely creating opportunities for them to change the system to their liking and to our detriment? Is he an anti-Zionist, or controlled opposition?