Friday, September 28, 2007

The Desperate Cover-Up of the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has informed of two interesting articles.

As I have proven in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, the "Young Turks" who genocided the Armenians were Jews. The following article also points this out:

"On August 25, commenting on ADL's continuously changeable stance on the Armenian Genocide, 'Azg' wrote, 'Let us not forget that us not forget that the Jewish organizations have the task to preserve the 'exclusiveness' of the Holocaust, as well as to save the 'dyonmes', the Jews from Saloniki who had fictiously adopted Islam and had an immediate part in the planning and realization of the Armenian Genocide. Moreover, those scoundrels, who were sentenced to death by the military tribunal, were the closest milieu of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Therefore, saving the 'dyonmes', the Jewish organizations are also saving the Kemalists'. [***]The United States, ever observing the interests of Israel, start campaign against Iraq and Iran, so as to isolate them and deprive of the assistance of the neighboring states. [***] In other words, the task of ADL and Foxman was to restrain Turkey and make it obey the interests of the USA and Israel."FOXMAN'S AND HIS ORGANIZATION'S GOAL TO IS MANIPULATE ERDOGAN'S GOVERNMENT

Former U. S. Secretaries of State, all of them rabid Zionists, some of them Jews (in the case of Albright, her family hid the fact that they were Jewish—like Talaat Pasha, the Doenmeh Jew who ordered the genocide of Armenian Christians), have asked Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to block the introduction of a House Resolution to recognize the Armenian genocide. Why would these heavyweights lend their names to an effort to suppress the truth?

"We are writing to express concern that H. Res. 106 could soon be put to a vote. [***] We strongly urge you to prevent the resolution from reaching the house floor."TEXT OF FORMERS SECRETARIES OF STATE LETTER TO SPEAKER PELOSI