Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Good Book on How the Rothschilds Subvert the Best Interests of Humanity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has informed me of an important book, which is available for free on the internet:

L. B. Woolfolk, Great Red Dragon, or London Money Power: The Foreign Money Power in the United States, George E. Stevens, Cincinnati, (1890).

This book explains how the Rothschilds corrupted and curtailed the growth of American wealth and prosperity, and destroyed India. It also describes how the Rothschilds use agents to act on their behalf. It appears to the public that these men are immensely wealthy, but when the agents die, they do not have such great wealth to bequeath to their families, and the assets which they apparently controlled reverted back to the Rothschilds. This book was written in 1889 and published in 1890. J. P. Morgan provided yet another fitting example of the process, when he died on March 31, 1913, (note that Auguste Belmont (August Schoenberg) was also a Rothschild agent),

JP Morgan biography: The most influential banker in history