Thursday, September 27, 2007

"[Lee] Bollinger, a Jew himself [. . .]"--Ed Koch

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ed Koch wrote, inter alia, in his blog,

"Bollinger, a Jew himself, gave Ahmadinejad ammunition to be used among Islamic supporters that the battle at Columbia was primarily a battle between Islam and the Jews, and Ahmadinejad had bravely stood up to the mocking of the Jewish Bollinger. [***] All in all, it was a fiasco for America and a blunder by Bollinger, as well as a coup for Ahmadinejad."—Ed Koch, Koch's Comments: The Columbia lion

This week the President of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger issued a prolonged ad hominem attack on his invited guest, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in what should have been a cordial and academic discussion. Bollinger's personal attack followed an advisory to the students to be polite and respectful to their invited guest. The leaders of the university ought to have followed their own advice to their audience.

Koch noted that Bollinger designed his campaign of vilification around issues of more concern to Jews and Israelis, than to Americans in general. This made it all too obvious that it is primarily Jewry who want to attack Iran, and those who are not stupid will draw that obvious conclusion.

In the past, Jews were often excluded from European universities, in part because they had a reputation for being insulting, childish, uncivilized, intolerant, dogmatic, uninsightful, boorish, pushy, aggressive, clannish, corrupt, disloyal to the host nation, and meanspirited.