Monday, September 24, 2007

The Ugly Ambush at Columbia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Columbia University invited the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, to speak today at the university. Ahmadinejad graciously obliged the offer.

The invitation to the President of Iran to speak soon proved to have been a dirty trap, a lure into an ambush. Under the pretense of celebrating free speech, the President of the University, Lee Bollinger, issued a humorless barrage of personal insults at the President of Iran in a prolonged and uninterrupted diatribe; which, rather than glorifying free speech and open debate, instead made a mockery of free speech and civil discourse. Bollinger badly embarrassed himself, Columbia University and the United States of America. He obviously only extended the invitation to provide himself with the opportunity to express his hatred. The talk began and ended with slurs and ridicule from the leaders of the university.

Ahmadinejad handled himself very well, with the exception of his claim that there are no homosexuals in Iran. I wonder if he instead meant that there is no capital punishment of homosexuality in Iran?

At any rate, Columbia gave a very bad showing of itself, with the university's president, Bollinger, asking loaded and insulting questions, then condescendingly predicting that his non-serious and highly disrespectful questions would not be taken seriously, nor given the dignity of a response. Bollinger showed himself to be a pompous, unfair ass. With a phony, sanctimonious air, Bollinger offered his invited guest and his audience a platter of Bollinger's stool smothered in a sauce of Bollinger's drool.

Ahmadinejad's talk with the National Press Club went very well. It is vitally important that Ahmadinejad not let the ambush rattle him, and that he give a strong and undistracted speech at the UN and not let the press hound him over Bollinger's attack. Keep the focus on the double standards of the Zionists, and on their persecution of the Palestinians. Keep the focus on the double standards of the US and the rights of Iran under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Charter of the United Nations. The Zionist press is desperate to change the subject. Continue to answer their false, loaded questions with the facts.