Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The 8 Stages of Genocide" and Jewish Laws Which Stereotype Moslems as If Enemies of the State

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Zionist Jewish Congresswoman Jane Harman introduced the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007" in April of this year. It has now passed the House. Harman recently sent a letter to Tom Lantos and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen asking that they not approve the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

Harman aside, World Jewry are working very hard to gin up World War III, which will likely begin as a Western war on Islam instigated by the Jewish controlled press and Jewish controlled politicians. As history has proven, world wars serve as theaters for Jewish genocides of defenseless peoples, including fellow Jews. Once Jewry are successful at instigating World War III, and perhaps even before, it appears from the daily vilification of Moslems in the Jewish controlled media that some Jews wish to genocide the Moslems of America.

This new legislation may well serve them to fulfill several of The 8 Stages of Genocide. It will provide the American Government with a means to officially designate Moslems as if enemies of the State, and therefore prime candidates for genocide. It will open the door to witch hunts by those with a pre-existing hatred of Moslems to target Moslems for investigation and implicate them as if enemies of the State merely by investigating them. It will enable the American Government to dub Moslems a target class for investigation, a target class for genocide.

On its face, this legislation is dangerous to our liberties, but the danger is truly darker and deeper. This legislation is a blueprint for genocide, and I believe it will be used to genocide the Moslems and all who speak up to defend them. It is the new expression of "Democratic Centralism" and Nazi "Ermaechtigungsgesetz" and "Gleichschaltung" laws and will obviously be used to target Moslems. It is worse than mere totalitarianism. It is totalitarianism with an eye towards genocide—and it is a resounding success in the Israel-first US Congress which empowered Zionist George W. Bush to genocide the Iraqi People. It appears the next step will bring genocide closer to home.