Sunday, October 28, 2007

Communist-Mossad PKK -Versus- Doenmeh Crypto-Jews: Who Pays for this War? Who Benefits from It?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iran gave Turkish leadership a golden opportunity to again identify Israel as the sponsor of the PKK:

Iran accuses US, Israel of supporting Kurdish rebels

Perhaps some in the Turkish Government may not like to believe it, but they do know who is behind the PKK:

PM Erdogan to press Olmert to give up supporting Iraqi Kurds

So why don't the leaders of Turkey scream bloody murder to the World and take every opportunity to point out the proven fact that the PKK is an Israeli front group deliberately agitating Turkey in order to artificially manufacture a war? The following article states it is only a militant faction within the Turkish military who want war, and only the Jewish Communist-Mossad PKK among the Kurds who want war:

Turkey reluctantly prepares for attack on Kurds

This militant faction in the Turkish military is the Doenmeh crypto-Jew faction. Crypto-Jew versus crypto-Jew equals dead Turks and dead Kurds, but the Israelis and Jewish bankers want more than dead Goyim. For a century and a half they have been teaching the Turks a racist myth, which persists to this day, propagandized by crypto-Jews in Turkey, some of whom who even pretend to be anti-Doenmeh, but who praise the Doenmeh Jew "Ataturk" and call for "Pan-Turkey".

The Pan-Turk, and pan-Turanian, movements which crypto-Jews created long ago, and which crypto-Jews sponsor today, threaten to provoke Turkey into aggression in the same way that Germany was deliberately agitated into aggression to "rescue" the Germans of Czechoslovakia and Poland. There are crypto-Jewish agitators and subversives in Turkey, Syria, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, etc., who are fulfilling the old Rothschild plan of duping the Turks into creating an Eastern "Pan-Turkish" Empire.

This will ultimately accomplish the deaths of the Kurds, making it easier for Jews to steal their oil and land in and around Kirkuk; the Balkanization and depopulation of Turkey, making it easier for the Jews to demolish Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock and build a Jewish Temple in their place from which Al-Dajjal will rule the World; the deaths of the Azerbaijanis and Armenians, making it easier for the Jews to steal the oil of Baku and the entire Caspian region; the attainment of "Greater Israel" from the Nile to the Euphrates; and the start of World War III, making it easier for World Jewry to genocide the Moslems and Russians.

We see before our eyes crypto-Jews in the PKK murdering Turks and crypto-Jews in Turkey ordering the Turks to murder Kurds in retaliation, and who profits from this mass murder other than World Jewry, which created it and which perpetuates it? Who complains other than me and Iran? Won't you join us?

This completely unnecessary and artificially manufactured mayhem can be stopped. Turkey must go after the leaders and agitators of the PKK and more publicly and more often accuse the Israelis and Americans of deliberately creating this problem. The Iraqis, Turks and Iranians can and should cooperate to infiltrate the PKK and eliminate its leaders and financial supporters—its Mossad and CIA connections. Then the terrorism against the Iranians, Turks and Iraqis will subside and the manufactured problem will end.

Real Turks must confront the Doenmeh without falling into the hands of the Doenmeh's agents who are peddling Turkish racism and pan-Turkism. Hold on to the Turkey you have. The Jews who are pushing you into pan-Turkism want you and Turkey proper destroyed in the world war they want you to begin. Then World Jewry will Balkanize Turkey and kill you. It will be the price you pay for helping them, just as the Kurds are today paying the price for siding with Jewry.

I do not dare to calculate the price we Americans will pay for the crimes against the human race we are committing at the behest of Israel and its fifth column, which has taken control of our government, press and many of our churches, synagogues, mosques, and religious movements. . .