Friday, October 26, 2007

It Is Time for Turks and Armenians to Reassess Their Options

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On the face of it, the US Congress has chickened out to turkey, um, Turkey. But what has Turkey gained? A war, international public exposure of the Armenian Genocide, alienation from the US who now knows that Turkey is not a reliable ally, potential civil war and increased sedition, economic losses and losses of good will, the appearance of being a stupid bully who denies genocide and then threatens genocide to cover up genocide, etc.

Armenians are disappointed, and to some unspoken extent, I suspect a little relieved for now, given that the Jewish controlled media and government were blaming them for the war between Turkey and the PKK and the failure of the War on Iraq. But the anger and resentment will grow.

The smart move for the Turks would be to open a new investigation into the Armenian Genocide with an eye towards identifying the true ethnic and religious origins of the so-called "Young Turks". It makes you look bad to deny genocide, even if it makes you think you look powerful by backing down the Congress. However, you should read the press stories very carefully. The Congress is calling this a postponement.

What if they are postponing the resolution until such time as they spring the trap on you and turn on you as quickly and as cruelly as they have recently turned on the Armenians and the Kurds? What then? What if every Jewish controlled media outlet in the World reports that the genocidal Turks, who viciously attacked Kurdish children, who destabilized Iraq just when Bush was about to succeed, who stabbed America in the back, who betrayed NATO alliances, etc. etc. etc. WHO NEED TO BE STOPPED! Well, it should be obvious how Jewry hangs a sword of Damocles over your head until such time as you acknowledge the genocide. You can do that and preserve your honor by merely telling the truth, that the leaders of the "Young Turks" were Jews. You can also solve your problems with the Kurds by informing the World that Israel is fomenting the fight and is behind the PKK. Both problems solved without any bloodshed and without any loss of honor. In fact, you can seize the opportunity to puff up your chest, gloat that you have backed down America for the honor of Turkey and Islam, and that you have mercifully brought about the beginning of the solution of the Kurdish insurrection by proving that it is a Jewish agitation.

Armenians, I again urge you to produce a professional video documentary telling the full truth of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, which can serve as a basis for rapprochement with Turkey as well as a basis for reparations from Turkey, the Kurds and the Jewish bankers and Israel! Include in this documentary not only the fact that the leaders of the "Young Turks" were Jews, but that Jews are the main force behind Armenian genocide denial and sabotaged the Armenian Genocide Resolution by blaming you for the fight between Turkey and the PKK, which Jewry created and perpetuates. Show the politicians denying genocide and blaming Armenians. Show newspaper ads from Jews insisting upon genocide denial, etc. Emphasize the fact that Turkey and Israel deny the genocide, and that Turkey and Israel insist that the US deny the genocide. You are in a far better position today than yesterday to win your case in the court of public opinion. Jewry has shown its guilt. Turkey has shown its guilt. Now you have the opportunity to capture these images in a striking documentary and show it to the World.

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P.S. I left out the PKK because they are an arm of the Mossad and will continue to murder Turks in the hope that Turks will murder Kurds in the hope that the West will murder Turks.