Sunday, October 21, 2007

The United Nations Should Guard the Turkey-Iraq Border

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I had a feeling that some of the terrorists among the Kurds, together with their Mossad and C. I. A. trainers and advisors, would try to provoke a Turkish incursion into Iraq by murdering Turks. I suspect much more of this will occur. The leaders of World Jewry want WW III and the oil of Kirkuk and Baku. They are promising the Kurds an independent nation if they provoke the next world war, but instead the Kurds will be genocided and the Jewish bankers will take the oil profits of the region and begin to exterminate and transplant the indigenous populations.

The U.N. should intervene and guard the border, while the Turkish Government works with the indigenous Kurdish citizens of Turkey to end the terrorism and address the grievances of the Kurds. It will be a long and difficult process, but making this difficult and frustrating effort is far better than the imminent prospect of World War III, unless you are a racist, supremacist Jew who wants to kill all the Moslems.

We can also expect the Zionists in the American Government and the media to waver on the issue of the Armenian Genocide Resolution so as to agitate Turkey's Doenmehs. The Zionists want war not peace.

In the News:

12 Turkish troops killed in rebel attack