Tuesday, November 13, 2007

George Koval: Another Communist Zionist Jew Who Betrayed Us

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Note that the Jewish Autonomous Oblast—in the Soviet Union in Khabarovsk Krai in the districts of Birobidzhansky, Leninsky, Obluchensky, Oktyabrsky and Smidovichsky—was a Zionist project to combat "red assimilation" which was leading to the loss of Jewish segregation. Stalin, who was a puppet of the Jewish bankers, created a Jewish nation within the Soviet Union. World Jewry wanted for Jews to be segregated in their own state in order to preserve the divine race and keep it from mingling with the Goyim. They planned to use this state as a training ground for Zionist Jews in preparation for the eventual takeover of Palestine—and the World. George Koval was one such divine Communist Zionist Jew, who viciously betrayed Americans for Jewish Bolshevik interests. He was one among many such treacherous Jews—Jews who are often feted in honor of their duplicity:

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