Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Iraqi Turkmen, Kurds, Turks and Israelis

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



I expect that the ongoing Kurdish (Mossad) assassinations of Iraqi Turkmen will soon escalate into massacres, which will be used as a pretext by the Doenmeh Jews of Turkey to invade Iraq through to the oil fields of Kirkuk so as to rescue their Turkish "brothers" from the Kurds. This is a set up by World Jewry on all sides.

A Jew named Arminius Vambery created the racist mythology of pan-Turkism, which is promoted in Turkey to this day by crypto-Jews and their dupes. Just as pan-Germanism was used to create the First and Second World Wars, pan-Turkism will be used to create the Third World War.

I suspect that the Israelis, a growing population in "Kurdish" Iraq, will instruct the Kurds to slaughter Turkmen and instigate revolts in Turkey. Just as staged attacks on Germans were used to instigate the German invasions of Poland and Czechoslovakia, these staged attacks will be used as a pretext for Turkey to march its enormous Army into Kirkuk to "liberate" the Turkmen—to hand the oil fields over to the Jews.

Then, the Turks and Israelis will genocide the Kurds and Jewry will move in to take the Kurds' place. The ties between the Turks and the Khazars reach back into the 900's and beyond. They are now being wrapped around the neck of the Kurds, and the stupid Kurds are insisting that they be extra tight. The Kurds, believing the Israelis to be their friends, are stepping into a fatal trap.