Friday, November 30, 2007

Why World Jewry Seeks to Exterminate the Armenians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has tipped me off to the following article (in Russian) which presents a history of the Jewish myth of the Amalekites and the Jewish belief that the Armenians are the Amalekites. This racist and genocidal Jewish mythology compels Jewry to exterminate every last Armenian man, woman and child:

А. Адонц «Бог дает добро на убийство». A. Adonts, God Approves of Murder.

The article makes reference to a book with which I am not yet familiar:

А. Саркисян «Сионизм от Теодора Герцля до лорда Ротшильда и Армянский вопрос», Ереван, 2005 г. A. Sarkisian, Zionism from Theodor Herzl to Lord Rothschild and the Armenian Question, Yerevan, Armenia, (2005).

I would be grateful for any information about this book.